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  • 들, 의 (plural, possession)

    I’m going to introduce two noun particles this time. One, -들, is attached to a noun to make it plural. Two, -의, is attached to a noun to signify possession by that noun. N + 들 1. -들 is attached to a noun to make that noun plural, but this is only to emphasize plurality, […]

  • 기,는 것,ㅁ/음 (verb into noun)

    In Korean there are several ways to turn a verb into a noun. In English, we often use ‘-ing’ to do this; I like eating = I like the act of ‘to eat’. I enjoy listening to music = I enjoy the act of ‘to listen to music’. And so forth. There are three ways […]

  • (으)로 (by,with,direction)

    N + (으)로 (으)로 is a noun particle that means by, with or direction. Depending on how we use it, this particle can mean many different things: 1. (으)로 can mean ‘to’ somewhere when used with a location noun and a moving verb like 가다. 2. (으)로 can mean ‘by’ or ‘with’ when used with […]