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  • Why do people say Lebron makes his teammates better when every star that joins him sees their stats go down?

    This is another Lebron hater myth I will debunk. I have debunked many already (he played in a weak East, had lots of help, wasn’t clutch, wasn’t a good defender etc) The thing about this narrative is that just like the other myths, it comes from haters who don’t really understand how basketball works. When […]

  • What is the biggest NBA myth?

    A lot of myths are associated with Kobe Bryant. He’s probably the single most overhyped and overrated player ever. It’s because Kobe is such a beloved player that his fans constantly hype up everything he does. Every great game Kobe has is treated as something that NOBODY else can do. Everytime Kobe plays through an […]

  • Does Lebron really make the players around him better?

    Yes. This shouldn’t even be a debate, for people who actually watch Lebron play and know basketball it’s not even questionable. It usually revolves around the fact that whenever a star player joins Lebron their stats always drop and casuals use this as their argument. Because Lebron is ball dominant and he orchestrates the offense, this […]