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  • What is the most universally acclaimed Hollywood film?

    I’m not sure how we are judging universal acclaim, is it by Rotten Tomatoes score or Metacritic or what? Anyways I think I will mention a few films that are universally regarded as some of the greatest Hollywood films of all time (and yes I have watched all of these and do highly recommend them): […]

  • Why do so many Chinese hate on the Shang-Chi film before they ever saw it?

    https://www.quora.com/As-a-Chinese-what-do-you-think-about-Marvel-s-Shang-Chi ^ As you can see most of the answers above are very negative towards Shang Chi, and the vast majority of them were written 1–2 years before the movie ever came out. First of all, we live in a time where tensions between China and America are at an all time high. Almost anything […]

  • Let’s talk about Rise of Skywalker

    I just saw the movie last night with my brother, and like everyone says.. its alot to process. There’s so much happening at breakneck speed – but I still didn’t hate it as much as I hate The Last Jedi. The reason is because most of the bad storywriting in this movie I feel is […]