Tag: memories

  • Saying goodbye to my grandpa

    Yesterday night, my grandpa passed away.  I was in the hospital with my family, he had choked on some food the week before and got pneumonia as a result. Pneumonia at his age is basically fatal, and he had very little chance of surviving. I took an emergency flight back to Toronto to see him. […]

  • Preserving my memories

    Most people have regrets in their life about things they did. Me on the other hand, I have many regrets about the things I didn’t do rather than the things I did do. And most of these regrets is about preserving my memories. I cherish my memories a lot because someday when I’m older I […]

  • Thoughts about introversion, leaving BT, Ladies Code, Tech

    Work Today is my last day at BitTorrent. I enjoyed working there, I had a cool manager, smart co-workers, I learned a lot of technologies like NodeJS, EpoxyJS, more Backbone and especially payments systems like Paypal and StripeJS, but in the end I guess I was still tired of the monotony. I needed something new […]