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  • Starcraft 2 Strategy: Marine Arena v1.1 basics & techniques

    I recorded some videos that explain the basics of how Marine Arena works, as well as some commentary on a game me and my brother played. I hope you guys enjoy these videos and I’ll record more of these pod-casting type videos 😛 Marine Arena Intro and Gameplay httpv://youtu.be/HJG73zc_aFc

  • Starcraft 2: Marine Arena Strategy

      Been a while since I wrote a strategy update for Starcraft 2, but here is one for my favorite custom map, Marine Arena. The basics of this map is just spawn marines and mercenaries (which are different units who have different abilities), and kill the opponents base. This is difficult because you need minerals…

  • Starcraft 2: Terran Strategy and Custom games

    Following my last article on Starcraft 2, here’s some things I learned while playing Terran: -Build barracks asap, generally around 12, and go for an orbital command as soon as that’s finished. -Always use energy for M.U.L.E’s, unless you think they have a dark templar or cloaked banshees. -Get your second expansion early, because of…