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  • Who is the biggest NBA Finals MVP snub in history?

    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in 1980. He averaged 33/14/4/5 that series before going down with an ankle injury, then Magic Johnson took over and famously played all five positions and won Finals MVP. Not that Magic was totally undeserving – but a lot of people feel that Kareem should have won Finals MVP that year since he […]

  • Was Kobe the greatest Laker?

    It depends. There are a few contenders for greatest Laker, most notably: Kobe, Magic, Kareem and West. I will compare different categories for these players. Most games/seasons played as a Laker: Kobe Most win shares: Kobe Most championships as a Laker: tied between Kobe, Kareem, Magic and George Mikan (5) Most championships taking into account […]

  • Magic the Gathering: top 10 most played competitive creatures ever

    For ‘Spike’ players.. these creatures get *very* expensive because they were the most played creatures in their heyday.. the reason why I choose creatures here and not just all cards is because 90% of the competitive Vintage cards that are banned/restricted are actually lands, artifacts and non creatures (like the Power Nine), and that wouldn’t […]