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  • What impact, both positive and negative, did Michael Jordan have on the game of basketball in terms of style and technique?

    Positives: He did more for the NBA in terms of marketing and global impact than any other player. He and Kobe are the most globally famous basketball players ever – and without Jordan honestly Kobe wouldn’t have existed really. Kobe’s whole career and marketing was based on Jordan’s. Jordan inspired and influenced an entire generation […]

  • the iPhone 10th anniversary & legacy..

    On the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, people have been celebrating how revolutionary it was.. and yes, it does deserve all that praise. Steve Jobs was a brilliant marketing genius and visionary. Apple products haven’t been the same since he passed away. The Apple Watch (whats the use case?), the iPad Pro (stylus?), the new […]

  • Ponderings I

    You are the music while the music lasts. – T.S Eliot Finding where you fit in the world – that’s the most difficult thing to do isn’t it. How do you know where you’ll fit in, and who cherishes you the most? Even though I haven’t made many friends here yet, I think that California […]