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  • Why are South Korea and China fighting over kimchi?

    Let’s get the first thing out of the way: Kimchi is Korean. That should be obvious. Kimchi is Korea’s most iconic food, like how Sushi is Japan’s most iconic food. The outrage between Korean and Chinese netizens stems over whether ‘pao cai’ is actually the same thing as kimchi – it is not. Both Pao Cai […]

  • Why do Koreans eat dogs?

    The dogs they eat in Korea are a special breed of dogs. It doesn’t mean they are eating the same breeds as their pets. At first I was against dog eating too but then it kind of made sense to me – there’s WILD Dogs, we just don’t see them very often. And if we […]

  • Are South Koreans arrogant and superficial as they say to be?

    No, not in general. I find Koreans to be actually quite humble about themselves and perhaps insecure as well. You gotta understand Korea is a very Confucian country and has a strict hierarchy. As a general rule you cannot show arrogance to your boss or higher ups, it’s not tolerated. You must show humility. Most Koreans live cookie cutter lives where […]