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  • Why do so many Chinese mistakenly believe that Koreans think that Confucius is Korean?

    Good question, because having lived in Korea for a few years and having many Korean friends I’ve never met a Korean who believed that Confucius is Korean or that Koreans invented Chinese characters or any kind of foolish thing like that yet all the Chinese I’ve met seem to believe this about Koreans. I wonder […]

  • How do South Korea, Japan, and China compare when it comes to women’s rights?

    https://www.quora.com/How-do-South-Korea-Japan-and-China-compare-when-it-comes-to-womens-rights Joon’s answer here is totally biased. He admits that he’s never been to China and comments like these From all these upvotes you would assume that Korean women have the best rights out of all three countries, but that’s totally false. First of all it’s best not to take an answer like this from […]

  • Is feminism needed in South Korea?

    Yes. South Korea is one of the most gender unequal developed societies right now, and part of the reason is the deep pervasive influence of Confucianism which is inherently gender unequal. The women are traditionally tasked with more responsibilities such as taking care of the baby, cooking, taking care of her husband, her husband’s parents, […]