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  • How is the Japanese culture overrated?

    It’s not. Japanese culture is underrated if anything. IMO Korea is the country with the overrated culture. Why is Korea overrated? And keep in mind – I’m saying this while being someone who loves Korea, learned Korean, moved to Korea to live there for a few years, and have more Korean friends than American/Canadian friends. […]

  • 2022: Year in Review

    Every year, I do a year in review, with highlights and lowlights and a summary so this is my year in review for 2022. Highlights -Got featured in a Netflix documentary (Trust No One: Hunt for the Crypto King) – this documentary was actually shot in Apr 2021 but finally aired this year.-Saw my Kong […]

  • Why do so many Chinese mistakenly believe that Koreans think that Confucius is Korean?

    Good question, because having lived in Korea for a few years and having many Korean friends I’ve never met a Korean who believed that Confucius is Korean or that Koreans invented Chinese characters or any kind of foolish thing like that yet all the Chinese I’ve met seem to believe this about Koreans. I wonder […]