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  • Why is toggling a search box in a header so difficult in Angular 2?

    In Angular 2 I have the following pseduocode… … As you can see I have a header with a search form container that has the class ‘visible’ when the variable ‘showSearch’ is true, and ‘invisible’ otherwise. As a component by itself with this html, this works fine. When the user clicks the search icon showSearch […]

  • Javascript Framework/Library Reference

    Base libraries (animation, dom manipulation, event handling, ajax, utility) jQuery (this library is the most popular base library) Zepto Dojo Prototype MooTools Utility Libraries Underscore Lodash Sizzle Modernizr (feature detection) Yepnope (conditional loader) MVC Frameworks Angular Ember Backbone SproutCore ExtJS Batman Spine Meteor Exoskeleton ActiveJS StapesJS JS MVC View/Data binding frameworks Knockout CanJS React Rivets […]

  • Google Glass Unboxing and Review, Jasmine-Jquery+SquireJS example

    Google Glass Review I just got my Google Glass Explorer 2.0 edition in not that long ago, and I know alot of people are curious about how this gadget works, so I’ve put up a video of it (an unboxing one, and a review). httpv://youtu.be/NPBNNwQB_Ss httpv://youtu.be/RHg-bnx7r3A Example client side Jasmine unit test using the jasmine-jquery […]