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  • Parents are very influential and America’s influence

    I’ve discovered that your parents are probably the single greatest influence on your life; more so than your peers. For one, your parents are the one’s who gave birth to you, therefore you inherit their genes. Whether or not you wear glasses, grow tall, which language you speak, where you live and grow up all […]

  • My work at EnvCan and some remarks about healthcare reform

    So its been a good 2 months since I started at EnvCan doing software development but things have been slow to pick up. The reason why that link on my portfolio page probably won’t link to anything soon is because I still have not been doing all that much. My role is a Core developer, […]

  • John F Kennedy

    There are few speakers more engaging, few presidents more charming and few people more inspiring to me than the legendary JFK. I think what entices me so much about him is the fact that in the span of two years, ten months and two days, he got more accomplished than some presidents do in two […]