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  • What is wrong with our society today?

    A considerable amount of people suffer from hive mentality, have narrow minded beliefs and lack critical thinking skills I do a lot of social media, I’m on Youtube, Twitter, Quora, Instagram and Facebook a lot, and I’ve noticed about the majority of people is that they are very prone to believing falsehoods, or they are […]

  • Worst Financial year ever

    Everything I touch turned to dust this year. I’m still on my anti-depressant medication because otherwise I would have killed myself by now. Seriously. Let’s count the ways. -in Jan, Korea had the crypto premium at 40%. I didn’t make use of the crypto account my gf made for me, and the premium is now […]

  • XML entity escaping in Freemarker and Looping issues

    Thanks to my friend Chris Brelski for this trick. There are two ways to escape XML entities in Freemarker. 1) ${variable} 2) ${c} In both these cases, there’s no need to modify Java files, and will convert & to & with proper encoding, etc. Issues with Freemarker looping I’ve been having lots of issues with […]