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  • When will I ever learn to have patience when it comes to investing?

    2020 and early 2021 must be the golden times to invest – if you have *just a little bit* of patience. Which I apparently don’t have.  In 2020, had you bought TSLA when it dipped to $300, had you bought BTC when it dipped to $5k, had you bought NIO when it was $3, etc […]

  • Thoughts on Bitcoin and making money

    I’ve been reading about Bitcoin a lot lately. It’s a very interesting concept… its a crypto-currency, its value is only worth as much as how much people are willing to accept it. The more Bitcoin is used, the more value it has and the more accepted it becomes. There are two ways to get Bitcoin: […]

  • To do list for next two months

    Need to keep track of things… School: -Contact Registrar to allow me to enroll in ECO courses needed for graduation Start enrolling Aug 6th -Defer for OSAP application -Taking money out from stocks to fund tuition -Do well in ECO220 (80+, exam left) -Attend Club day and sign up for positions for potential internship and […]