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  • Interesting gadgets, JS Frameworks, Libraries, Tech Links, Tech Articles

    Cool past gadgets Sony Rolly Sony P series Golden-i headsets Ultra Mobile PC Samsung Q1 Sony CLIE PEG-UX50 HP IPAQ HP Touchsmart TX2 Dell XPS M2010 Sony P Tablet Oakley THUMP 2 Sony Mylo Nokia N810 HTC Shift Handheld PCs HP Jornada MM2Go Sony Vaio Duo Danger Hiptop/T-mobile Sidekick Palm Treo (the first smartphone) PDas […]

  • Bioshock Infinite review, Archos tablet review

    Bioshock Infinite Just finished playing Bioshock Infinite. It’s a good game, but not as good as reviewers say. There’s reason why I will list here: 1) Low quality textures – There’s some textures that are really low quality. Most parts of the game is fine, but on some small details like doors or small objects […]

  • Front-End / Web Developer Interview questions and answers

    Here are some common front end / web interview questions, and some sample answers, for those aspiring web devs among us: HTML: What’s a DOCTYPE? A doctype associates a markup document (html or xml) with a DTD. It tells the browser what kind of document and what type of markup to expect. HTML 4.01 has […]