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  • Why are some people so bothered by White males with a preference for Asian girls?

    White guys with yellow fever (i.e have a preference for Asian girls) date girls purely because they have a certain look, that’s it. I used to have a friend who used to justify his yellow fever with statements like ‘oh I like Asian culture better etc’ but in the end, he dated ALL Asian girls […]

  • Japan vs Korea vs China, Inter-Asian relationships

    I’m back from Japan! which means I now have been to the three major East Asian countries, Japan Korea and China. Which means I can do a fair comparison between all three. Cost of living Japan is the costliest for sure. Not only is it about 20-30% more expensive than Korea on everything, but a […]

  • Asian girls dating White guys

    This used to be a topic that I used to argue quite passionately about, but has since died down. However, it came up today as a passionate discussion in a meetup group that I belong to, as well as a forum topic, and a topic my brother brought up. Yes, its the topic that is […]