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  • Computer Science education

    The only CS course I’m taking this semester is a Capstone Design project. This semester’s theme is CS education. There’s about 6 students in total including me in the course, and each week we write a summary about a research paper that a group of CS professors have done, and discuss them. Our assignments are […]

  • Working on a mini code sprint

    Today is March 20. I have until Apr 8 with three other group members to make a family tree viewer that can impress Greg. 19 days of hard work and also studying up on design patterns will be used during this time. Since I have been put onto a new team, I still have to […]

  • My first blog in a long time…

    Prelude: This is my first time blogging since High school. The reason for this is because of I was reluctant to commit to one during my life as a university student. The more I go through university however, the more I realize that documenting my daily day-to-day activities might be useful for my future. Sometimes, […]