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  • Blues Guitar

    My biggest hobby is probably playing guitar, and if you’ve read some of my blogs, you’d know I like to attach some videos of myself playing. My favorite type of music to play on guitar is blues. This is interesting, because blues isn’t a very mainstream kind of music, not like rock or punk or […]

  • Tips on improving guitar tone, equipment

    Alright, a break from politics for a while. Since I’m one of the rare Asians that can play guitar better than piano, some ask me for improving their tone on guitar. Well, there’s several key guidelines to follow. Firstly, tone is subjective. What kind of tone do you want? Hendrix? Metallica? Slash? Those all have […]

  • Achieving the Jimi Hendrix sound

    Five years ago, I wrote an article briefly noting the Hendrix style and here I will post an updated, revised version. Some people want to sound and play like the great master himself, Jimi Hendrix. While there is no guaranteed way (since Jimi is impossible to duplicate) I can get you pretty close. The Sound […]