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  • How come Korean girls don’t date Chinese guys?

    This is a question I have wondered about for a long time. It would seem to be a perfect pairing on paper. Chinese guys get a girl who is not as strong as Chinese girls are (generally), do more for them around the house, give gifts or pay for things in return, do not expect […]

  • Are there Korean guys as handsome as BTS or EXO in Korea?

    Very very few. I’m not saying this because I’m a guy but because in Korea, there are simply way more attractive women than men as a result of the gender inequality in the country and more focus on appearance there is more pressure for women to look good than men. Korean men don’t have to do makeup […]

  • Korean fashion style

    One of the things I love most about Korean people is how much they care about fashion and how they dress. Their style is IMO much better looking than American or other Asian styles that I’ve seen so far. It seems almost every Korean girl cares about appearance and how they look. For guys, a […]