Status of my goals and end of undergrad

Last year, I outlined a list of several goals that I had set for myself this year to achieve. Let’s check back on the status of these goals now. 1) Graduate on time I just finished writing my last exam today, and am confident of passing all my courses. As for my GPA, hopefully it… Continue reading Status of my goals and end of undergrad

Graduating Address

Here’s a speech by Erica Goldson, an American student who provides an insightful topic which I think fits the current mood of American society. Allow me to quote: There is a story of a young, but earnest Zen student who approached his teacher, and asked the Master, “If I work very hard and diligently, how… Continue reading Graduating Address


Finally graduated from high school…and on to postsecondary -_-. Well the graduation wasn’t that bad, I didn’t receive any awards but I got 2 scholarships. And then I went to 3 parties after haha. I’m glad I didn’t get drunk this time. Anyways, yea U of T shouldn’t be too bad, but I’ll be working… Continue reading Graduation!