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  • Status of my goals and end of undergrad

    Last year, I outlined a list of several goals that I had set for myself this year to achieve. Let’s check back on the status of these goals now. 1) Graduate on time I just finished writing my last exam today, and am confident of passing all my courses. As for my GPA, hopefully it […]

  • Graduating Address

    Here’s a speech by Erica Goldson, an American student who provides an insightful topic which I think fits the current mood of American society. Allow me to quote: There is a story of a young, but earnest Zen student who approached his teacher, and asked the Master, “If I work very hard and diligently, how […]

  • Graduation!

    Finally graduated from high school…and on to postsecondary -_-. Well the graduation wasn’t that bad, I didn’t receive any awards but I got 2 scholarships. And then I went to 3 parties after haha. I’m glad I didn’t get drunk this time. Anyways, yea U of T shouldn’t be too bad, but I’ll be working […]