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  • 2012: Year in Review and thoughts about gun control

    Happy New Year everyone. Once again I’m doing a yearly review of the highlights and low points of each year for me, and so this will be for 2012. First off though, I want to talk about some thoughts on gun control. The recent Newton Shootings have spurred some discussion on gun control. Some gun […]

  • Status of my goals and end of undergrad

    Last year, I outlined a list of several goals that I had set for myself this year to achieve. Let’s check back on the status of these goals now. 1) Graduate on time I just finished writing my last exam today, and am confident of passing all my courses. As for my GPA, hopefully it […]

  • Life is stubborn, and so am I

    First off, happy Chinese New Years everyone, hope this year of the rabbit can bring some good food and spirits for those that are celebrating. For me however, I had an interview with Amazon, and a good amount of snow and coldness (-10 C) here in Toronto; no celebrating since I live alone. This would […]