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  • Why do so many Chinese girls have princess syndrome, or ‘公主病’?

    Well, first of all there has to be a disclaimer here that every country has at least some proportion of girls with ‘princess syndrome’ ie. spoiled – that exists everywhere. But yes, it does seem to be more common and more frequently occurring in China. Why are there so many spoiled princesses in China? well […]

  • Which country has the most beautiful women?

    It’s going to depend on your preference isn’t it?For me I’m going to talk about from the preference of an Asian-American since that’s what I am. For me, I’m attracted to Asian girls and from my experience traveling around Asia (I’ve been to Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Phillipines, Malaysia) – I’m going to say […]

  • Is China the least sexist of the East Asian countries?

    In general, yes China has better gender equality than Korea and Japan. For example if you’re looking at the percentage of female CEOs (often a good measuring stick for breaking the glass ceiling) – China has the second highest proportion of female CEOs in the world List of female top executives – Wikipedia – this exceeds even the […]