Tag: frustrations

  • I’m not making this up I swear

    Ok so you know how I lost $560 last month because Paypal kept withdrawing from my bank account without telling me and the bank charged me that amount in NSF fees? Well the whole reason why I added that account to Paypal in the first place was because I couldn’t use my main bank account […]

  • Stuff that pisses me off

    Its not often that I get PO’d about anything, but there are some things that happen which piss me off and I’d rather not share them on my site which can be viewed by employers, so I’ll share them here instead. 1) Why is it so hard to find a part-time job? I think I […]

  • What fun the past couple of days have been….

    1. I stayed up 24 hours to finish CSC373 assignment just to get it back with a 60. 2. I had to drop CSC309 because I misread the A1 spec and our group got 27/100 on it 3. My external hard drive failed and I have lost 500GB worth of data 4. My netbook adapter […]