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  • What are the things that are ONLY in Canada, but not in US?

    Lived most of my life in Canada and a good 5 years in the US to answer this question. Unlike some of the other answers on here I’m not going to take shots at the US. I’ll be answering from a food perspective: Poutine is the obvious choice – it’s the national food of Canada and […]

  • Why do people dislike foods with MSG?

    I think its a natural reaction to an ingredient that most of us cannot pronounce. There’s a general saying that if there’s an ingredient that you cannot pronounce then it’s probably not that healthy for you. In today’s age with words like ‘non GMO’, ‘all natural’, ‘no hormones’, ‘no artificial preservatives’, ‘certified organic’ all being […]

  • What seasonings or items can I add to my ramen to make it more delicous?

    So there’s a variety of seasonings that you can add to either flavor your ingredients or the ramen broth itself. Most of these seasoning involve the sensory taste of ‘umami’ which is usually isolated in the form of MSG – which is basically the umami additive – so you will see MSG (which adds umami) […]