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  • What was the best team Michael Jordan faced in the finals?

    In terms of talent I’d say the 1992 Blazers. That was a deep, deep team. You had Clyde Drexler, Terry Porter, Kevin Duckworth, Jerome Kersey, Cliff Robinson, Buck Williams and Danny Ainge coming off the bench. Sheesh. Now some people think this team wasn’t that great because they are just counting # of big names on the […]

  • What if Lebron James didn’t choke in the 2011 finals? Would the Heat won the championship?

    I think Lebron choking in the 2011 Finals is a bit exaggerated. I know, this is crazy right? Whenever I tell people he didn’t choke that badly they all think I’m trying to make excuses for him, I’m a ‘bronsexual’ etc even Lebron fans and Nick Wright don’t give Lebron any slack for that chokejob […]

  • Did JJ Barea outplay Lebron in the 2011 finals?

    No. It’s basically a piece of misinformation that got spread by the haters online that now every casual widely believes is true. ^ I’m so tired of this narrative that Barea so called ‘destroyed’ Lebron. Where’s the footage? It’s based on the fact that Lebron had an 8 point game in the 2011 Finals Game […]