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  • What is the most universally acclaimed Hollywood film?

    I’m not sure how we are judging universal acclaim, is it by Rotten Tomatoes score or Metacritic or what? Anyways I think I will mention a few films that are universally regarded as some of the greatest Hollywood films of all time (and yes I have watched all of these and do highly recommend them): […]

  • What is your favorite Disney song?

    5. You’ll be in my heart – Tarzan A fun 90s pop song by Phil Collins, if you like 90s pop songs like I do, then this one is definitely fun and is a good song to end out Disney’s amazing 90s run of hits 4. Why should I worry – Oliver and Company I […]

  • Analog vs Digital; gradual replacement of daily devices by digital products

    As things become more and more digitized these days, we find more and more of our daily devices being replaced by new digitized mediums. Please note that when I use ‘analog’ I mean the original medium. Vinyl vs CD: An example is music players. Back in the old days, we used a device called the […]