Tag: fate

  • Relationships

      So, here’s a topic that I don’t usually like to talk about, but I think should be addressed sooner or later. My thoughts on relationships. Given that my parents expect me to be married in 7 years, I should probably think about this more often. But to me, this issue is very complicated. For […]

  • JFK Assassination

    [tubepress video=”C-0ZMnbkGtw”] It is hard to talk about John Kennedy without talking about his assassination. He was the youngest president elected, and the youngest to die. He was rich, handsome, smart, powerful, charismatic, but even being the most powerful leader in the free world didn’t save him from his tragic fate. I have many books […]

  • Is it all about luck…?

    I never believed myself to be a lucky person. I actually believed that I was unluckier than others. It seemed that wherever I went a storm cloud followed me. Everything I touch wilted. Nothing I did ever seemed to succeed. Yet I kept trying, telling myself I would succeed someday. And I still haven’t. Is […]