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  • What is your fashion style?

    Age 14–18 When I was in high school.. no style lol. I just wore anything that was cheap from Gap or Old Navy. Basically jeans or any cool looking sweater or shirt I could find. Most high school kids here can’t really dress that well. (This is when I kind of wished North America would […]

  • Why buy expensive/designer clothes?

    To me its a total waste of money. There’s only one reason you would ever buy designer clothing and thats to show off that you are ‘better’ or have more money than others i.e as a status indicator. I think it also highlights a big cultural difference Chinese-Canadians like me have with mainland Chinese; how much […]

  • What is socially acceptable in Korea that would be horrifying in America?

    Women baring their legs in skirts and shorts so short that sometimes you can’t even see them. Some of my Korean friends went to the US and got mistaken for a prostitute because of the way they dressed. Here’s the school uniform in Korea Granted this isn’t the exact one they wear in school but […]