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  • What are fun facts about Kobe Bryant?

    I think the thing that surprised me the most when I did more research into Kobe is how underwhelming he was in the playoffs and Finals. Kobe has less 35+ PT games in the Finals than West, Jordan, Baylor, Lebron, Kareem, KD, Barry, Shaq, Curry, Wade, Pettit and Sam Jones. Except for West, Baylor, Lebron, […]

  • Debunking the top 10 Kobe / Lebron myths and exposing the double standard

    Kobe Bryant. It’s hard to imagine a more polarizing player. Kobe is arguably the most popular player of all time (possibly even more than Jordan due to his exposure in China). He has a massive legion of incredibly devoted fans, and he was the most well marketed player of his generation (due to no small […]

  • What is wrong with our society today?

    A considerable amount of people suffer from hive mentality, have narrow minded beliefs and lack critical thinking skills I do a lot of social media, I’m on Youtube, Twitter, Quora, Instagram and Facebook a lot, and I’ve noticed about the majority of people is that they are very prone to believing falsehoods, or they are […]