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  • Using Facebook…

    Everyone has a different purpose when using Facebook. Some people have told me they don’t like the way I use Facebook. I post too much. I complain too much. I rant too much. My question is – is there a set rule on how to use Facebook? Do I have to use it in a […]

  • I’m not known to spend money wisely…and how I use my facebook

    How bad is my spending habits? Well I logged into Mint.com, and took a look – and it ain’t pretty. Here’s where I spending went: -Kickstarter projects: $1,849 (since 2014) -Steam games: $2,747 (since 2014) -Magic online: $333 (since 2011) -Amazon: $24,751 (since 2011) -Ebay/Paypal: $14,422 (since 2011) -SFMTA (parking tickets + scooter towing): $3,987 […]

  • Ideas and Improvements for Apple’s Siri

    Recently I’ve been quite interested in Apple’s Siri, ever since I received my iPhone 4S and watching the WWDC Developer’s conference. At first I thought it was just a novelty, but upon seeing the upcoming features in iOS 6, my interest has been heightened. I’m interested in machine learning, AI, UI design, and aggregating content, […]