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  • End of the term

    Work I’ve now concluded my internship at Environment Canada. How do I feel about it? I think I’ve learned alot now that I’ve actually had some hands on time to apply my knowledge in the real world. However, I realized not alot of what I learned in university were applicable. There’s alot of theory in […]

  • Working at Environment Canada is great but…

    I haven’t talked about working at my internship for a while so I will explain my thoughts at my job. The job I’m doing is Software Developer for the Core layer of the Data Management System. What that means is basically I’m managing and maintaining the interface that communicates between the components (client) and the […]

  • Work, work

    Lots of work to be done at Environment Canada; Three people on our Core team have been moved or left, so now we only have me and three others who are essentially maintaining the core. The next release of the Core is planned for end of September: Tasks to be done: -Modify the metadata updating […]