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  • What are the most important pedals to include on a pedal board?

    Well it depends on your needs and preferences… for me this is what I have and the order I have it Guitar -> Tuner pedal – I use the Boss TU3 for its great buffer which is important to preserve your tone when you have a bunch of pedals with true bypass. True Bypass is […]

  • Korean women and plastic surgery

    Whenever I meet new people, the topic Korea comes up because I’m studying Korean, and then invariably the topic Korean women come up, then invariably the topic plastic surgery comes up. So let me address some of these questions here so that people know my thinking process and I can just direct them here instead […]

  • Tips on improving guitar tone, equipment

    Alright, a break from politics for a while. Since I’m one of the rare Asians that can play guitar better than piano, some ask me for improving their tone on guitar. Well, there’s several key guidelines to follow. Firstly, tone is subjective. What kind of tone do you want? Hendrix? Metallica? Slash? Those all have […]