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  • Why is Mao Zedong so admired in China when he killed over 200 million Chinese?

    Miseducation and ignorance. Because Mao is the founder of the PRC of course the modern day ruling CCP cannot talk about him too negatively, so their official stance was that he was ‘70% good 30% bad’.   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Chinese_Famine The actual numbers here btw is not 200M but 15 – 55M (still alot) But the reason […]

  • Why do millennials consider it unpopular to be conservative?

    I was born in 1988 thus making me a millenial. However I would actually identify myself as more conservative than a lot of my peers. I like lower taxes (for the middle class), I don’t like illegal immigrants and think they should be deported, I’m in favor of reducing the deficit as much as possible, […]

  • Stress, Stress

    I think ironically, though I am only taking 3 courses this semester, I’m somehow busier than last semester. Anyways, I’ve been job searching the past few weeks, and it’s almost like having another course because I have to study for these interviews. In addition to all my assignments, I think I’m booked till the end […]