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  • Is China a developed country?

    No. Online you might find many Chinese brag about this: and this Then they exclaim, that there’s more skyscrapers and high speed trains etc in China than America so they are developed. This is not the right definition of ‘developed’ You don’t measure a city or country by outer appearance alone. The thing is we […]

  • What video games took the longest to develop?

    Duke Nukem Forever took about 14 years from 1997 to its release in 2011 The Last Guardian took 10 years, from 2006 to its release in 2016 Final Fantasy XV took about 10 years as well the original trailer was released in 2006 and finally released in 2016 There are also games that while finished […]

  • Javascript Framework/Library Reference

    Base libraries (animation, dom manipulation, event handling, ajax, utility) jQuery (this library is the most popular base library) Zepto Dojo Prototype MooTools Utility Libraries Underscore Lodash Sizzle Modernizr (feature detection) Yepnope (conditional loader) MVC Frameworks Angular Ember Backbone SproutCore ExtJS Batman Spine Meteor Exoskeleton ActiveJS StapesJS JS MVC View/Data binding frameworks Knockout CanJS React Rivets […]