Finally moving to Korea

It’s been a long time coming – but I’m finally moving to Korea. Yes, this is the moment I’ve planned for for over a year. It took me a while to get here, but from stubborn determination I was able to do it. I’ve had a lot of good memories in SF, especially in 2012,… Continue reading Finally moving to Korea

I never believed myself to be lucky

我从未认为我自己是一个幸运的人。 事实上我认为我比别人倒运。 看来,我没当出去都带来风暴跟着我走。 啥东西,摸到了之后就枯萎了。 我似乎永远都没有什么成功。然而我一直想告诉我自己,终于一天,我就会把握成功。 但是我还没有成功。 运气真的存在不?难道有些人比别人幸运? 其他人做这做那却我就不会?为什么事务一到我的手上就失败了呢? 。。。后来我意识到了。 别人不必比我走云。 我的失败多因为我的尝试多。我的跌倒痛因为我冒险多。 我的情况比别人复杂因为我希望自己能够成功。 我越要成功我的生活就更加复杂了。 我的生活越复杂,我就越失败。 我打破更多东西因为我购买了更多东西。 我赔更多钱因为我挣了很多钱。 我得到了多少就失去了多少。 最后我理解了。 比我幸运的人都联合了准备和机会。 于是他们恰好位于正确的地点, 并合适的时间。 我始终都在错的期间中,因为我的准备不足,而我绝望了。这跟冒风险不是一回事,而我缺少先见之明。 今后,我的远见要使更明确,然后也许会比较幸运。

Power of human destiny and decision

One of the people who I admire most is Steve Jobs. He characterizes everything that a leader should have – vision, dedication and tough management. He gave a commencement address at Stanford University and some of the things he said were very relevant to me: 1) He talks about how you cannot connect the dots… Continue reading Power of human destiny and decision