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  • Saying goodbye to my grandpa

    Yesterday night, my grandpa passed away.  I was in the hospital with my family, he had choked on some food the week before and got pneumonia as a result. Pneumonia at his age is basically fatal, and he had very little chance of surviving. I took an emergency flight back to Toronto to see him. […]

  • What is Kobe Bryant‘s place in basketball history?

    Can’t believe Kobe has died, brain is still processing this. As many people may know I wasn’t a Kobe fan and I considered him the most overrated player of all time. That said Kobe was still one of the greatest players in NBA history, a top 10 player all time, the second greatest SG all […]

  • What can we learn from the news of Sulli (f(x) member)’s death?

    This was indeed a tragedy, and many kpop stars have expressed their feelings about her suicide; and the relation to both mental illness and the effect of cyber-bullying on people’s health. Sulli was only 25 when she died, which makes it even more tragic as she’s the youngest kpop star to die pre-maturely since the […]