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  • Korean Alphabet – Additional Information

    Ok, so a few additional things on Korean character construction and pronunciation.. Korean words are always constructed with a consonant at the beginning, followed by a vowel, then possibly followed by one or two additional consonants. For example, 나 is constructed by a consonant (ㄴ) followed by a vowel (ㅏ). Since ‘ㄴ’ is the ‘n’ […]

  • Magic the Gathering: Deck Design: Venser (Flicker) deck

    In Magic the Gathering, 187 or Blink creatures are creatures that trigger abilities when they enter the battlefield (comes into play). The recent Magic Expansion Avacyn Restored have alot of cards that work well with cards that enter the battlefield. Hence I began making a deck that I call the Venser or Flicker deck. The […]

  • Magic the Gathering: Deck Design: Persist deck

    From my Last Magic article, I want to continue talking about how I build my decks. Theme: So, I don’t like building decks that are too powerful that win on the first turn (like my Hulk flash deck), because they aren’t fun to play against. Nor do I like to build crappy decks that always […]