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  • (ㄴ/은),운,(적)인 Adjectives

    In Korean there is a very simple way to make an adjective. DV + (ㄴ/은) 1.You take a descriptive verb, remove the ‘다’ base, and if it ends in a vowel, you add ㄴ to the bottom, and if it ends in a consonant, you append 은, and place it in front of the noun […]

  • 보다,편이다 (compared to, relatively, preference)

    보다 is used for comparing two nouns. 아/어/여 편이다 is used for preference or to say relatively [verb]. N1 + 은/는 + N2 + 보다 + 더 + … 1. 보다 is attached to a noun, and is used for saying something like ‘A is more [verb] than B’. To make this sentence, in Korean […]

  • 겠 (intention,assumption)

    Now let’s learn about a very common yet very complex particle, 겠. This particle can express intention to do something, or an assumption about something. Unlike other pieces of grammar we have learned, 겠 goes in the middle of verbs rather than at the end. V + 겠 1. The most common usage of 겠 […]