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  • Public Speaking woot!

    I had my first speech for Rotman Toastmasters today…and it was excellent. My speech can be found here in the speeches section. I was kind of nervous, but I had that air of confidence. However I still managed to be quite jittery throughout the speech. This 5 minute speech was inspired by Churchill and JFK, […]

  • The Business of Business

    A topic that I find most appropriate these days is the topic of business and especially my background in business. I have never started a business, although I have done freelance work as a website designer in the past. My parents are mutual fund and real estate investors and I myself invest in the stock […]

  • Short term goals

    Since my last update, there have been several items on my agenda that have been achieved and others that haven’t. First off, I regret my decision to buy a car…the reason why I bought one was for two reasons primarily: 1. Help me find a part time job. I wanted faster transportation so that I […]