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  • Should overseas Chinese be loyal to China?

    Why should we be? Should overseas Europeans be loyal to their country? Should overseas Africans be loyal to their country? Should overseas Middle Easterners be loyal to their country? We need to get over ethnicity = have to support our country of origin. That to me is kind of ridiculous. Imagine being born in North […]

  • Why is Mao Zedong so admired in China when he killed over 200 million Chinese?

    Miseducation and ignorance. Because Mao is the founder of the PRC of course the modern day ruling CCP cannot talk about him too negatively, so their official stance was that he was ‘70% good 30% bad’.   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Chinese_Famine The actual numbers here btw is not 200M but 15 – 55M (still alot) But the reason […]

  • How do South Korea, Japan, and China compare when it comes to women’s rights?

    https://www.quora.com/How-do-South-Korea-Japan-and-China-compare-when-it-comes-to-womens-rights Joon’s answer here is totally biased. He admits that he’s never been to China and comments like these From all these upvotes you would assume that Korean women have the best rights out of all three countries, but that’s totally false. First of all it’s best not to take an answer like this from […]