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  • What are the things that are ONLY in Canada, but not in US?

    Lived most of my life in Canada and a good 5 years in the US to answer this question. Unlike some of the other answers on here I’m not going to take shots at the US. I’ll be answering from a food perspective: Poutine is the obvious choice – it’s the national food of Canada and […]

  • The Financial crap keeps coming + new home purchase

    Never thought I would be fighting so much for these financial things in Canada.   -CRA mailed tax refund to wrong address -Called CRA to get it changed to correct address. They said I need to fill out some form to invalidate the other check they sent and prove I never deposited it in my […]

  • Why do millennials consider it unpopular to be conservative?

    I was born in 1988 thus making me a millenial. However I would actually identify myself as more conservative than a lot of my peers. I like lower taxes (for the middle class), I don’t like illegal immigrants and think they should be deported, I’m in favor of reducing the deficit as much as possible, […]