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  • Who do you think was the more fundamentally strong basketball player, Tim Duncan or Bill Walton?

    Props to the OP, this is one of the most interesting questions that doesn’t get commonly asked but is a very good question. Both Duncan and Walton are two of the highest basketball IQ, most fundamentally sound big men ever. Obviously Duncan had the better career, but if we’re talking prime for prime pure basketball […]

  • Is Kobe Bryant better than LeBron James?

    No. Unfortunately, there is a substantial portion of NBA fans who think Kobe is better. This is because many NBA fans get brainwashed by Kobe’s marketing and hype. The fact that social media and sports media pretty much never posts anything negative about Kobe since his retirement and passing really helps Kobe’s legend. They also […]

  • Who was the better NBA Point Guard: Chris Paul or John Stockton?

    Chris Paul. John Stockton only really has one thing on CP3 which is longevity. And Stockton honestly has that over EVERY point guard. Stockton was one of the most durable players ever, he was a tough player, and also a dirty player and averaged double digit assists longer than anyone else. However, we can’t use […]