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  • Who were the best NBA players from the 1970s and 1980s who were not hall of famers?

    I think I have enough knowledge to answer this question since I love this era of the NBA… 1970s: Paul Silas Think of him like your 1970s version of Draymond Green or Dennis Rodman. He was a high hustle defensive glue guy who had a lot of intangibles. Every great NBA team needs one of […]

  • Was Dr. J the best basketball player of the 1970’s?

    I would say Kareem was the best basketball player of the 1970s, followed by Dr J talking about overall achievements. Kareem – 5 MVPs, 1 championship, 1 FMVP. Dr J – 3 MVPs, 2 championships, 2 FMVPs. Dr J of course dominated the ABA when he was at his peak. However, when it comes to […]

  • Who is the best dunker in basketball history?

    Can I go by decade? 1960s Elgin Baylor Wilt Chamberlain Gus Johnson 1970s Connie Hawkins Dr J Artis Gilmore David Thompson Kareem Larry Kenon 1980s Darryl Dawkins Dr Dunkenstein Michael Jordan Dominique Wilkins James Worthy Larry Nance 1990s Scottie Pippen Karl Malone Charles Barkley David Robinson Shawn Kemp 2000s Shaq Kobe Dwight Howard Vince Carter […]