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  • Which country has the most beautiful women?

    It’s going to depend on your preference isn’t it?For me I’m going to talk about from the preference of an Asian-American since that’s what I am. For me, I’m attracted to Asian girls and from my experience traveling around Asia (I’ve been to Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Phillipines, Malaysia) – I’m going to say […]

  • Why are Koreans good-looking?

    Having been to many other Asian countries (Japan, Taiwan, China, SE Asia etc) as well as Europe and North America, I agree that Koreans have a much higher proportion of beautiful people (especially women) compared to other countries. The reason though is not what people think. It is NOT plastic surgery. A simple look at […]

  • Who are the most beautiful Hollywood actresses?

    So disclaimer first, I’m usually attracted to Asian women, not Caucasian women (which most Hollywood actresses are), but that said since I am a straight male, I have had crushes on Hollywood actresses before. Here are a few: Amanda Bynes (this was my childhood crush) Hayden Panettiere (I mean just wow.. shes hot) And here […]