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  • Do you agree that Revolver was the Beatles’ best album?

    I think there’s been somewhat of a shift from Sgt Pepper’s to Revolver in the last 20 years as the Beatles’ magnum opus. When Sgt Pepper’s was released, for the next 30 years it was considered untouchable as one of the greatest albums – if not the greatest – ever made. The reason I think […]

  • If the Beatles were the best band of all time, who was second best?

    Well have to be honest here, like some other answers mentioned, the Beatles were incomparable in the influence, impact, quality of songs, popularity etc they had in such a short amount of time (1963–1969). No other band really comes close to this, even during 40+ year careers. The Beatles are the best selling band in pop history […]

  • Global trends, Equality and Financial Situations

    I’ve just watched the Obama Deception, you can view it here: [tubepress video=”eAaQNACwaLw”] The premise of the Obama Deception is a conspiracy theory related to the New World Order. Now I know America has been the home to countless conspiracy theorists regarding everything from the Federal Reserve to JFK to 9/11, but this video I […]