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  • Which NBA player has the worst fans and why?

    Definitely Kobe Bryant. I’ve certainly argued with my share of NBA fans across the Youtube-verse, Twitter-space, Facebook groups, and Quora spaces, but by far the most ignorant, casual and uneducated fans I’ve had the displeasure of dealing with are Kobe fans. They are probably the most infuriating most brainwashed people this side of Trump supporters […]

  • Who is better, Steph Curry or Kobe Bryant?

    I think this is an interesting question. Both Curry and Kobe are hovering around that ‘edge of top 10’ greatness (yes I know a lot of Kobe fans put him in GOAT convo but lets ignore those people). Let’s break down their strengths and weaknesses: Scoring: Both are fantastic scorers, but do it in different […]

  • Will Luka Doncic be better than LeBron?

    Hard to say, but he is already on his way there. Luka Doncic is one of the most transcendent all around talents I’ve seen since Lebron for sure. Let’s go year by year comparison.. Luka’s rookie season – averages 21/8/6/ and wins ROTY. Misses the playoffs. Lebron’s rookie season – averages 21/6/6/ and wins ROTY. Misses the […]