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  • Conjunctions (so, and, but, or, because, well, anyways)

    Ok, now let’s learn some Korean conjunctions. Conjunctions are used to connect sentences together. Here are the most common ones. Examples 친구랑 만났어요 그리고 저녁을 먹었어요. = I met a friend and also ate dinner. 친구랑 만났어요 그런데 저녁을 먹었어요. = I met a friend but ate dinner. 친구랑 만났어요 그래서 저녁을 먹었어요. = I […]

  • 와/과,하고,(이)랑,및 (and/with)

    When we want to say Noun A and/with Noun B, we use 와/과, 하고 or (이)랑 between the two nouns. N + 와/과 1. 와/과 is formal, and usually used in writing. If the noun ends in a consonant, we append 과 to the end of the first noun. If the noun ends in a vowel, we […]

  • 고,도,만,며 (and,also,too,only)

    Let’s learn about three very commonly used particles: 고, 도 and 만. V + 고 When we are talking about the same subject and want to connect two sentences together, we can just append -고 instead of using 그리고. It’s very simple to use this construct, just change the ending ‘다’ of the verb in […]