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  • What are your favorite underrated video games?

    My top 20 most underrated games more people should know about (I did gameplay videos for all these): 1) Rise of Legends (a fantastic RTS that takes inspiration from Starcraft) https://youtu.be/Lt4P-fnu0SY 2) Sleeping Dogs (amazing open world GTA clone except you’re a kung fu wielding triad double agent) https://youtu.be/GCR7O4ltvE4 3) Dark Sun: Shattered Lands (awesome […]

  • Which NBA basketball players of the past would be much bigger stars in today’s changed NBA?

    Nice question. Today’s NBA players benefit from faster pace which is a byproduct of looser defenses, more perimeter shooting, more focus on spacing and less focus on the interior, which overall leads to today’s game being more beneficial for perimeter players. And in fact the game had already been trending in this direction ever since […]

  • How did Wilt Chamberlain lose to Bill Russell?

    The Celtics had 3 all time clutch players in Russell, Havlicek and Sam Jones and Wilt (and his teammates) just didn’t have the same clutch gene. I also want to dispel the notion that the Celtics always had a superior team. Wilt had 4 different Game 7s against the Celtics in 1962, 1965, 1968, 1969 […]