Studying and moving on

Exams are coming up, all of my exams are from 9-11 am and I have two coming up starting tomorrow. What fun. I think I am doing better as an individual at managing my time, though. Hard work and discipline are the keys to success, something I’ve learned from my other hard-working CS colleagues as well.

I didn’t get into the GSoC program, but there were several other proposals similar to mine which did get accepted, so I congratulate those individuals. On the other hand, it was unlikely that I would have free time for it anyways, seeing as how I have PEY during the summer. On that subject, I am considering doing other work in addition to PEY. Summer courses, projects, other jobs perhaps? I need to flesh out a better plan for myself. See, I don’t plan on playing video games all day during the summer, and I need to pay off my debts, student loans, rent, transportation costs, etc. Web development might be another option like last summer, people always seem to have those types of work for me.

Just how fast and how far will I come after these experiences? Only time will tell.


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