Starcraft 2: Terran Strategy and Custom games

Following my last article on Starcraft 2, here’s some things I learned while playing Terran:

-Build barracks asap, generally around 12, and go for an orbital command as soon as that’s finished.
-Always use energy for M.U.L.E’s, unless you think they have a dark templar or cloaked banshees.
-Get your second expansion early, because of the rate the M.U.L.Es drain your minerals.
-Keep spare SCVs around for supply building and repairing burning buildings!
-If your opponent cheeses/cannon rushes you, you can lift off your buildings. In one 4v4 game, I got cannon rushed, zergling rushed, AND marine rushed, and I just lifted off my command center to my allies and the protoss guy quit in digust.
-Walling off the ramp is usually a good idea, however watch out for harassment from dropships/blink stalkers/banshees/reapers/void ray at your mineral line.
-In late game, you can use spare energy to scan out whatever expansions your opponents may have and end the game sooner.
-The standard cheese for Terran is to send out 2 scvs at 9/10 and then build two barracks right in front of opponents ramp and build bunkers in his base after that massing marines. Lower level players will generally succumb to this strategy and I can generally beat very hard ai with it.
-Reaper / cloaked banshee harass is always nice if your opponent doesn’t expect it.

Two builds I mostly use for Terran:
1) Mass marines/marauders:
Just build marines/marauders until you have enough to counterattack opponent or enough to wipe him out. For solo games, this is around 90-100, and in team games, around 120-150 (supply wise).
Simple and effective. This build works because you can attack them relatively early and because marine’s DPS goes up exponentially the more you have, hopefully before they have colossus or mass sieged tanks or high templars with psi storm. You constantly produce marines as soon as you build the first barracks, and then build your second barracks massing marauders. Then I have one scv constantly making supply depots and hotkeying my barracks to make sure constant production and go for my expo as soon as possible. The second expansion mines just minerals, the first one has enough gas to keep it going. I always upgrade my marines with stimpack, combat shield and infanty wep/armor. Once I have my second expo, I can have enough to constantly produce marines out of two reactor-ed barracks and marauders from the other. Any army the opponent has at this time excluding colossus/HT/sieged tanks will be devastated by this mass bio-ball, stimpacked. Sometimes I get medivacs too, but find that when I hotkey them and move them, they always move faster than the rest of my squad, leaving them to be killed before they can heal anything. For this reason, I suggested grouping medivacs separately from your main army.

2) MMM + S/V:
The MMM stands for marines/marauders/medivacs and the S/V for siege tanks / vikings. That’s all I produce for the entire game. The MMM is enough to take care of any infantry opponent has and because they are weak against colossus/HT and sieged tanks, I do the siege tank push, where I siege and then unsiege, pushing into the opponents base. Vikings are there for air support, protoss will almost always have void ray, zerg will have mutalisk/brood lord and terran will have banshee/viking/battle cruiser and vikings can deal with all those effectively. I don’t generally build anything else; I find siege tanks a better investment than Thors (which can be killed by MMM) and Vikings better than Battlecruisers (which can be killed by viking), and those units build too slow anyways. I like to keep my builds simple in terms of units, and focus on upgrades instead.

Custom Games:
I’ve been playing alot of custom games, here are some tips for some of them:

Marine Arena:
-You make more money defending than attacking
-Get a mercenary when you start, I usually get zealot, zergling or marauder
-Then for the rest of the game, split your money between marine upgrades and mercenary upgrades.
-For which mercenaries to use, Goliaths and Mutalisks are all around good choices, else if the other team
has a lot of marines/ground units, then go for Firebats/Devil dogs, if they have a lot of biological/mutas, go for Maraiders.
-Upgrades cost more as the level go higher. I always upgrade damage and armor about same level, then go for health later when those get too expensive. Also, always max out marine range+attack speed and get stimpack and faster spawn.

Marine arena: 38 upgrades for these marines!
Marine arena: 38 upgrades for these marines!

Income Wars:
-Start out with marines, until they eventually go for colossus (and someone always does, believe me) or until you have enough income for much stronger units.
-Counter whatever they have; if they have air/colossus, go for viking/scourge, if they have infantry, go for colossus, and if they have mech or massive units, go for void ray and/or hero units.
-There’s one hero unit that’s particularly effective late game, it’s the scout hero, I forget his name Citrien, but he pretty much owns everything late game. Really good at anti air, and decent against ground. Even other hero units die pretty quickly to him. Other good hero units to use include Tauren Marines which can handle generally any non hero unit and Siege breakers which are good against ground units (incl hero ones).

Tower Defense Retribution:
-Build turrets to make a maze, and then later in the game upgrade them and add better towers.
-I remember I made some maze designs for this game:

Maze for Tower Defense
Maze for Tower Defense
TD Maze Design
TD Maze Design
TD Maze Design
TD Maze Design

The last one focuses more on upgrades, but still has an effective maze that has the ai walk around the towers three times. follow these designs and you should be good ;).

Nexus Wars/Roundabout wars:
-I always go for the following order; zealot, marine, sentry, baneling and then tech from there.
-My choices are siege tank, medivacs if your ally has lots of bio, and then viking to counter air, thor to soak up damage, banshee if they don’t have much air.
-Heroes aren’t worth it.

Nexus wars: that's alot of void rays!
Nexus wars: that's alot of void rays!
Roundabout wars: that's alot of carriers!
Roundabout wars: that's alot of carriers!


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